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Social Media Analysis

Our new product Social Media Analysis allows user obtain information from several social media like Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sources. It automatically read user posts and make sentiment text analysis technique to recognize sentiment experience of particular product or brand in scale from -1.0 to 1.0 which means 'happy'.

The demo is available here:




None of the organizations can get the maximum satisfaction of clients and customers unless it does not provide the high quality support to them. This is what we believe on and that is why we have developed a proper channel for the support of our customers as well as visitors. There are numerous ways through which we assist our valuable clients in order to make their business operations flawless.

First of all we provide the facility of maintenance and support to our customers in technical services of their software. We don’t only develop the web pages and software applications, instead we provide the services of technical maintenance and 24/7 support in case of any issue or shut down circumstances. Our clients can call us anytime to get the assistance for the smooth operations.

In addition to this, we provide the live chat option to the online visitors of our site. Through this facility, any person can contact our online representative and can have any sort of information that he/she wants to know. This live chat facility is available to all people who come to our site.
We provide the facility of business consultancy to our esteemed customers in order to make their businesses flourish well. We have a trained team of consultants that can be accessed through our online channels and meetings can be scheduled with them. These people assist in diagnosis of fault in business operations and remove the hurdle from the streamline operations of businesses. Moreover, people are provided with a chance to start open discussion on our platform on any relevant topic. This discussion is made visible to all and anybody over the internet. In this way, people get the remarks from others who are already in the field.

We have provided tutorials for some common issues and their solutions in our FAQs section. People can browse through this section and can have the answers to the relevant questions from there. In addition to this, we may provide the video tutorials as well to overcome some common but major issues in the businesses. So this how, we provide our clients with the maximum support to make them satisfied with our services.
Please feel free to contact us anytime to talk about any issue that you might be experiencing with your business. Our support and technical staff is always up there to listen to the matters raised by the clients and visitors.
Our aim is to earn the satisfaction of our clients!

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