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Social Media Analysis

Our new product Social Media Analysis allows user obtain information from several social media like Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sources. It automatically read user posts and make sentiment text analysis technique to recognize sentiment experience of particular product or brand in scale from -1.0 to 1.0 which means 'happy'.

The demo is available here:




We, at SDHS (Madartsoft) software development company based in UK, do everything for the comfort of our clients and customers. So if at any point during the visit to our website, any person gets into the confusion then our search bar is there to assist him/her. Whatever the category a person is looking for, he or she can put some keywords in the search bar embedded on our website. By doing so, you get to the exact page for the right information you are looking for.

Detailed section of frequently asked question also provides our customers with the essential information. Anyone can browse for this section and can have the answer that he or she has in his or her mind. However, if your question is not available in the list of Frequently Asked Questions then you may leave it on the query box. Our support team will answer your query in the shortest span of time.

In addition to this, we provide our visitors with a chance to get registered with us. They can make changes in their account settings accordingly to set up their priorities. Our help section provides them with all options to keep their settings and preferences saved. If they want to start any topic in new threads for an open chat, then they can do so. In this way, we allow multiple people to come to our platform and interact with each other. This is the way we deliver the maximum help to our customers in order to make them able to take decision with confidence.

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