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Social Media Analysis

Our new product Social Media Analysis allows user obtain information from several social media like Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sources. It automatically read user posts and make sentiment text analysis technique to recognize sentiment experience of particular product or brand in scale from -1.0 to 1.0 which means 'happy'.

The demo is available here:




How would we get to know what type of software application our business model needs?

If this is an issue with you, then you do not need to worry about it at all. It is so because most of the clients never know the type of software application that would turn out to be best for their business. Our team of highly skilled people put their best efforts in grasping your business model. These people then suggest you best application that can be taken on for smooth and integrated business operations.

What is difference between bespoke software and customized software?

Bespoke software is built on the basis of common business practices and turns out to be cheap to deploy in organizations. However, users have to compromise on the functionality of the software as it does not perform all the functions. In contrast to this, customized software is built especially on the basis of clients’ demands. This type of software is designed as per order and is considered to be the best solution for the automated operations of business.

What makes customized software expensive?

Customized software turns out to be expensive as compared to the bespoke software because they require the full dedication of the team of developers on one task. It takes time in grasping the requirements of the people and understanding the business policies at unit level. In contrast to this, bespoke software is more generalized and is built on general practices.

Why should we opt for customized software if bespoke software is cheaper?

No doubt bespoke software is less expensive than customized software. But it cannot perform all the functions of every customer as business activities and policies to carry out those activities vary from organization to organization. In contrast to this, customized software turns out to be an investment for the organization that provides many potential as well as obvious advantages to the organizations later on. When these advantages are compared with the cost, then nobody thinks it as an expensive option.

What are the mobile technologies that you develop for?

We are well known for the development of any sort of mobile app development. We have the expertise for the development on iPhone, Blackberry, android, and Symbian platforms.

Which website is more useful, Static or Dynamic?

A dynamic and interactive website is always recommended for the best advantages of the online marketing and businesses.

Do I need to get a separate website for mobile users?

If you already have developed a website for your customers and clients, then you don’t have to get a new site for mobile customers. Just a few changes are required in the syntax and code of your desktop version to make it able to identify the device first. Then it can respond accordingly.

Our business plans keep on changing. Do we need to get new software every time?

No, it shouldn’t work that way! Software is built after keeping many constraints in mind that may require the software to be altered. For this reason, our developers keep its structure flexible enough to cater the changes that may arise later on. Current software models and designs have this ability to absorb the new changes as well. But if they fail to do so then flexibility is kept in the source code to alter the software functionality without any delay.

How can we be satisfied by the software plan and design?

In order to provide the customers with maximum satisfaction, we take on the agile methodology of software development. In this, an initial prototype is built that is tested by our development team and customers. Then all the changes are made if required by the customer and then next phase is developed. On basis of this technique, it becomes easier for the customer to check the functionality of the software during its development. No doubts remain in mind after this.

How is the task accomplished?

Software development by SDHS starts with the meeting with the client. In this meeting, all the requirements by the client are analyzed and client is made aware of the process of development of the whole application.
Later on, initial proposal is delivered to the client that includes the design of software, budget, and time that it would take to build in. If any change is required in it then it is accommodated. Hence a final plan is developed.
After the formulation of final design and model of the software application, coders and developers start their working. They utilize the best practices and take the advantage of best and latest applications in SDHS for the software development. Then the whole project is done in phases and each phase is tested by quality engineers. In the last, the entire project is integrated and bugs or errors are removed from it.
At the next stage, this application is installed at client’s place and initial functionality is tested there. Upon, successful completion of the task, fee is charged. If the client wants for the maintenance and support, then these services are provided as well. In this way, all the services for the automation of business processes are provided to the customers.

Can we get the copyrights and intellectual property?

Yes, we deliver the copyrights and intellectual property of the software to the customer for whom the software was built. In addition to this, we also provide the source code to the client so that they may maintain and alter the program whenever they want to do so. However, we expect that our clients leave this responsibility on us for better services and timely accomplishments of tasks.

Being responsible authority in my company, I cannot bear any delay. How can I be assured of timely delivery?

Everybody wants to get the final product delivered on time. As software development costs a lot to the organizations on large scale, we provide our clients with an online access to the status update of their software development. You can check any time online the extent of work that has been accomplished. Hence there remains nothing hidden related to delays. Moreover, we have a track record of numerous projects and have won the customers’ confidence on us. We never delay the delivery of our applications.

How can you convince our higher management personnel to take the services from you?

We have even convinced the people that possess the “old school thoughts” and are never willing to replace the current system with integrated and automated one. Our team members have the capability to tell the people what are the advantages of having application software installed in organization. We figure out the breakeven points and then the profits that can be taken out of the new system. In this way, we provide the business consultancy to our clients. We don’t act like vendors rather we act like the business partners.

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