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Embedded linux and Yocto

Social Media Analysis

Our new product Social Media Analysis allows user obtain information from several social media like Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sources. It automatically read user posts and make sentiment text analysis technique to recognize sentiment experience of particular product or brand in scale from -1.0 to 1.0 which means 'happy'.

The demo is available here:



Embedded Linux Yocto


Yocto is a project that is open source collaboration and provides tools, templates, and methods that support custom Linux-based systems for embedded products irrespective of the hardware architecture. Yocto is a collaboration of projects which are sometimes called umbrella and in these projects many different disparate pieces of the development process are incorporated effectively. These projects described include the following; build tools, build instruction metadata called libraries, utilities, recipes and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).


In Yocto project, poky is a reference build system which includes Open Embedded-Core, BitBake, a board support package (BSP) including other layers involved in the build. The reference distribution and reference system created are named Poky. The toolchain is one of the items that is used by all build systems, and this may include; assembler, a compiler and other binary utilities which are suitable for creating binary executable files within a given architecture. In the poky technique called cross-compilation is used, and this involves use of toolchain on one design to build binary executable files for the different architecture. Engineers regularly utilize cross-gathering in implanted frameworks advancement to exploit the host framework's higher execution.

Layers are arranged in the metadata set so that separate functionality are provided in layers beneath. The Open Embedded venture itself is a different open source venture with (to a great extent) tradable formulas and comparable objectives to the Yocto Project, however diverse administration and extension.


A board support package (BSP) contains the vital packages and drivers essential for building Linux for a particular board or design. These are frequently kept up by the equipment makers who make the sheets. BSPs are the interface between the Linux working framework and the equipment that runs it. BitBake is a fabricate motor. It peruses formulas and tails them by getting PACKAGES, building them, and fusing the outcomes into bootable pictures. For embedded Linux to develop quickly, Hob is used as a method for working graphics. This Hob is able to give a graphical front end to BitBake and the fabricate process. Personally I would not use Hob tool as it is easy to lose the control of creating the final image and SDK. Moreover, there is need to comply with the open source licenses for Linux evelopment effort to be successful. Yocto toolchain create manifests and build the entire sources repositories as well as sifting your assembled procedure to avoid packages that utilize particular licenses. With embedded EGLIBC components are configured easily, footprint is reduced and there is better control in cross-testing and cross-compilation. The Application Development Toolkit (ADT) empowers frameworks designers to give software development kits (SDKs) for the disseminations they make, utilizing the Yocto Project devices, giving applications engineers an approach to create against the product stacks gave by those frameworks engineers.

In conclusion, the adaptable work process, convenient arrangements, and high level of configurability of the devices empowers customization at each level of the construct process. Due to embedded Linux using Yocto toolchain, dissemination fabricates situations and devices for installed have been set up. Also it has evolved complete Linux operating systems with package metadata and this has improved the level of technology.

We offer consulting services. We can build full customized board and software for embedded linux using Yocto. We can deliver development board with embedded linux or prepare embedded linux image for production process.

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