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Software development solutions

Bespoke Software Development

Work with Competitive bespoke Software Development Company in UK – We are Blessed with Strategically Aligned Talent & Perfect Tools
SDHS makes you enjoy the innovative and novel techniques of Software Development
We make it all possible for you by using agile methodology to achieve your business objectives


Just a Call Away

Hire the Services of the Team that Has the Ability to Understand Your Business Requirements
We have been among the leading software developers in the United Kingdom for a number of years. Regardless, where you live in the United Kingdom, we are just one call away! We offer free consulations!


Developers Based in United Kingdom

SDHS is a quick one stop shop for you.
We are the best at designing, developing, analyzing, implementing & upgrading all kinds of software applications.
Here you deal with specialized & highly qualified team of developers.
We offer you the solutions to stimulate & improve your business.


Data mining software

Data mining software

We develop data mining software for many different business sectors such real estate, production, manufactures and sales. In our data mining software we use newest data mining tools and technology. For example in sales forecasting we collects data from multiple sources for further computations and data categorisation. It helps the software to learn sales patterns and customer behaviours. A number of factors are concerned during the forecasting which is not taken into account by human beings.

We use KNIME data mining tool and Peltarion Synapse with Java and C# development environment to build web based or desktop rich software applications. 

Social Media Analysis

Our new product Social Media Analysis allows user obtain information from several social media like Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sources. It automatically read user posts and make sentiment text analysis technique to recognize sentiment experience of particular product or brand in scale from -1.0 to 1.0 which means 'happy'.

The demo is available here:



Bespoke software development

We deliver bespoke software for our customers which is not available on the market. Desktop or web software, we also deliver embedded software. We go thru the requirement and design process together with our customers. Latest projects made for embedded linux based on Yocto toolchain.

Software development services

Developers at our software development comapny are trained to convert your ideas into your Software Business Application. We welcome you to enjoy custom software development services throughout the entire development life cycle with us. Now you can have Software Application that is in accord with your wishes. We will build your project from the scratch keeping in mind your preferences and you can customize your business app whenever you want. Most software are written in C#, C++, Java also we use SQL Server and Oracle databases.

See the software development process


Software development

Prediction and Internet Of Things

Our approach rich the software development about the prediction in software applications. We use AI which can forecast the outcome of working software. For example forecast maintenance or device fault.

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We deliver innovative bespoke software solutions using newest development technology.

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